Are you searching for WSOP tournaments in Palm Beach?

The Net is a treasure trove of information and if you're searching for information on WSOP tournaments in Palm Beach, you're sure to find it all out there if you look long enough. There's one site that will save you a lot of time and that's pokerpages.com. The site lists all the major tournaments including WSOP, WSOPE, WPT, NAPT, EPT, LAPT, ANZPT, UKIPT, PCA and APPT. There's a handy search box you can use to search for tournaments by city, event, and a few other criteria. A quick search for Palm Beach yields two pages of results.

The most recent tournament in Palm Beach was the Aruba Classic in 2009, but there is another scheduled for the 11th of November. It's the Aruba Poker Open at the Excelsior Casino. The really wonderful thing about this site is that it lists all concluded tournaments, and if you click on the tournament name, you're taken to a page with full results on the players and their performances during the tournament.

Clicking on the player name will also give you the profile for that player, so you're not only able to research results, but you're also able to research individual players. There's also a tournament results database, and using the 'Poker tournament results' link in the quick links section, it will take you right there.

This page is one you should bookmark if you're into anything poker related. It has more information than you're ever likely to need, but it will save you time having to hunt around the Net. Who wants to Google, when you could be playing poker?

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