World Championship of online poker is kicking off!

The World Championship of Online Poker from pokerstars.com is one of the most anticipated events in online poker. Everything starts on the 4th of September boasting 62 events and $30,000,000 in prizes.

People don't just love this event because of the prize money though, Poker Stars is a great stage foe up comers to be seen. A lot of amateurs turn pro on these types of circuits and this year will be no different.

Be sure to check out the WCOOP Tournament Schedule to keep yourself in the know with everything that is going on in the tournament. The WCOOP History and WCOOP Statistics sections are always worth a look if you want to see how players are doing and previous year's best and worst.

Another great feature to the website is the ability to see the latest news and watch video WCOOP Coverage. This way you can always keep up with everything that is going on in the World Championship of Online Poker.

As with just about every poker website these days you will have to sign up with them and download the program. Once you have all of this done you will basically have full access to the entire tournament and you can even try to qualify to see if you can take part in the tourney.

Poker Stars World Championship of Online Poker event is an amazing event for any amateur or pro player, with so much on offer and such great prizes everyone should have a go.

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