Every night is ladies' night at women's poker tournaments

The notion of poker as a game for men only was debunked some time ago. Women have demonstrated their skills at the top tables, earning respect in events like the World Series of Poker. It's hardly a surprise that pots are fought over so fiercely in women's poker tournaments.

Celebrities like Shannon Elizabeth and Jennifer Tilly have become the high-profile faces of women's poker, but it is players like Annie Duke, with career winnings of over $3.5 million, who have shown the strength of the women's game.

The Ladies Luxury Poker Event is part of the London European Poker Tour festival at the end of September and beginning of October. Although women players are likely to be be among the challengers in most of the main events, a women-only Texas Hold  'Em tournament is included in the schedule. Check the tour website at www.europeanpokertour.com for the tournament structure and rules.

To get among the high-rollers in the USA, check out the tournament schedule on the High Heels Poker Tour (www.highheelspokertour.com). Big events in the calendar include the Empire State Hold'em Championships in Verona NY State, with a $10,000 prize fund guarantee. Buy-In is $180.

Online players can try their luck at the US Pokerstars (http://www.pokerstars.com) Women's Poker League. There are tournaments running every day, at American times, with points awarded in each. There are two league levels, a $0.10 league and a $1.10 league, with two tournaments at each level every day.

For news, tournament schedules, discussion and information on all aspects of women's poker tournaments, visit www.pokergoddess.com.

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