Play for Millions with the Pros at a WinStar Poker Tournament

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  • Oklahoma

What's the most hotly anticipated WinStar poker tournament? Insiders will tell you it's the annual River Poker Series. With the opportunity to play against some of the best pros in the game, high rollers will love the chance to buy-in directly to the main event.

About the River Poker Series

The River Poker Series is a multi-million dollar event. The prize pool for the series is guaranteed at $3,000,000 and poker pros from around the world are expected to attend. This event draws in tourists and spectators from around the globe.

Entrance Requirements

For a chance to play against the pros, poker patrons can buy-in directly for $2,100 per seat. Interested customers can buy seats in person at the casino poker room, or call the toll free hotline at 001 800 622 6317 to secure a seat from the comfort of home. Unlike many tournaments, credit cards are accepted for entrance to the River Poker Series.

Other Poker Tournaments

If you want to get in some last minute practice before you face some of the best in the world, WinStar offers a selection of daily tournaments and special events to sharpen your poker skills and bluffing abilities.

Special event single table satellite tournaments are a regular fixture on the WinStar poker tournament schedule, with the winning players advancing to the next level mega tournament. Also popular are the daily no-limit Texas Hold-'Em tournaments. The price for buy-in to the daily tourneys is very affordable, starting at $55 with 3,000 chips.


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