Where to Find Winnipeg Poker Tournaments Online

Casinosofwinnipeg.com lists two casinos where you can take part in Winnipeg poker tournaments and also lists live entertainment, so if you're after fun, you got it!

Let's see where to go for poker tournaments? If you scroll down the page you'll see that there's a poker championship run by Manitoba lotteries. It runs from the 27th to 30th of October 2011, and the site includes full details including rules, venues, and tournament information. The schedule lists no less than five tournaments, so for full details you may want to head on over to this URL: http://www.casinosofwinnipeg.com/pokerchampionshipschedule

There are also two casinos listed on this site, and the Club Regent Casino is the first. No less than six types of poker are offered here, and for a full Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker tournament schedule you should visit this link: http://www.clubregent.com/crc/tournament-schedule. There are five tournaments listed for August and another six tournaments for September.

The McPhillips Station Casino is the other casino listed on this site and if you visit the home page, a quick click on the 'gaming' section shows you all the games on offer at this casino. The casino offers four types of poker, so you're sure to find something you'd enjoy. The thing that really has poker players flocking to this casino are the $1 and $2 NL Hold'em tournaments, and the Sit-and-go tournaments. There's no need to register or book in advance, simply let the floor manager know you'd like to take part. There's no poker schedule listed on the site, but should you decide to pay a visit you'll still receive a warm welcome. Why not try the sit-and-go tournaments while you're there?

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