Are You Searching For a Wiki about the WSOP?

There's a massive amount of information on the Net about WSOP, but if you're looking for a wiki about the WSOP you're in luck! One of the most popular and trusted wiki sites on the net has a page that is dedicated to the World Series of Poker! Heading to Wikipedia.org will be as much as you have to do to get your hands on all the WSOP information you would ever need. Let's see what's covered at this site?

To access the page on the World Series Of Poker, you'll need to navigate to this URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Series_of_Poker, and once you're there a whole world of information awaits you! A quick browse of the contents section includes the format of the WSOP, various highlights, history (including the acquisition by Harrah's), main events, players, hall of fame and much more. There are even sections on the European WSOP, and main event results. If you're looking for DVDs or video games, look no further. The 'expansion' section covers all this, and includes information on the WSOP poker academy, the Arizona lottery, and the WSOP's online presence. There are also external links if you're looking for more information and related pages under the 'see also' section. This makes it easier than ever before to find any WSOP info you need with a few clicks of your mouse!

The wonderful thing is that this site is editable, and anyone who visits the site can alter the information or add to it. There's also a section where you can rate the information published here on its accuracy and objectivity. Whether you're looking for information, or have information you'd like to share, the WSOP wiki at Wikipedia is a must visit!

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