Where to Find a Wiki About Poker Chips

When someone mentions the word 'wiki' one site usually comes to mind, and Wikipedia.org will not disappoint if you're looking for a wiki about poker chips. The site has a page that is dedicated entirely to the art of making poker chips, the different colors, and security procedures! Let's have a look at what is mentioned on the site?

The very first thing that jumps out at you on this page, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poker_chip, is that it actually explains what poker chips are, and what they're used for.  So it's easy to see how even a complete novice would find this page a breeze to understand.

It's interesting to find out that there are three types of poker chips, the more traditional chip is manufactured from clay but is considered to be more expensive, whereas the ABS injection molded chips are considered less authentic and can be cheaper than clay or ceramic chips. This wiki even lists the various colours used for poker chips, and the various denominations as well. The $1, for example, is white, and the $2.50 chip is pink. The site also mentions that these pink chips are usually used for blackjack. The $5 chips are red, and $10 chips are blue. There are also yellow, green, black, purple, fire orange, and gray chips.  The denominations start at $1 and go all the way up to $5000.00, but for larger amounts gaming plaques are used.

This site has all the information you could possibly need about poker chips, whether you're a poker lover and curious about how they're made, or whether you're after reliable information, this is a must-visit site!

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