Are you wondering where to play poker for the first time?

It's a common query for potential poker players. Where to play poker is a very important question. There are 2 main options for playing poker; live and online. There are many similarities between the 2 options, and many crucial differences.

The biggest difference between the 2 games is in live poker you get to see other players physical features and reactions because you're sitting at a table with them.

This brings a new level to the game because many players are able to garner information about your cards from the way you act at the table. Conversely, if you know what they're looking, you can throw false signals out to the table and maximise your potential earnings.

Live poker takes place around the country. Practically every city in the UK has a casino where poker is played. The casino makes money from charging players a registration fee for tournaments, and a rake is taken in cash games. The rake is usually around 2 - 3 per cent of the pot.

Poker is also played in hundreds of pubs around the country. Keep an eye out for signs advertising poker games in pubs in your area. The format is usually tournaments and buy ins can range from £10 to £100. A small registration is usually charged.

Online poker is also extremely popular. Millions of players around the globe play on poker sites such as Pokerstars, Bwin, Paradise Poker, Paddy Power Poker and Party Poker.

If you can get used to not seeing who you're playing against, huge sums of money can be won for a small stake because of the huge number of players playing poker online.


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