Seeking Weekly Poker Tournaments In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a real paradise for those who like gambling. Gambling was legalized in the state in the 1930’s. There are a variety of entertainment venues built around casino games. Nevada is the meca for weekly poker tournaments in Las Vegas. People come from all around the world to attend Las Vegas poker games. Professional poker players frequently attend weekly poker tournaments in Las Vegas. The casinos offer special poker rooms for professionals and amateurs. Mandalay poker room and the Bellagio poker rooms are among them.

Poker Tournaments

There are a great variety of poker rooms in Las Vegas. Almost all the hotels and casinos in this city have a game room. They are open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. For those who prefer no limit poker, Las Vegas offers Golden Nuggets, The Plaza Hotel, The Palms, The Bellagio and the Sahara Hotel. There is weekly poker tournaments in Las Vegas held at these hotels. Among the best known casinos, there is Circus Circus, Mirage, and Flamingo.

Types of Games

People of Nevada and many tourists are fond of the game of poker. Professional gamblers in Las Vegas are knowledgeable about many of the different poker games. The most popular game known today is Texas Hold'em. Other games played include, Seven Card Stud and Omaha. All the games have different rules, but the end result is the same. They differ only with the number of cards dealt to the players. The winner must make the best five card poker hand.

World Series of Poker

Both professional and amateur poker players can take part in different tournaments held in Las Vegas. The top tournaments are the World Series Poker and World Poker Tour. These events attract the whole world’s attention. These tournaments are a good place for testing your poker skills. The casinos of Las Vegas organize these events on both a daily and weekly basis. World Series of Poker tournament is held at The Horseshoe. This prestigious tournament started in 1970. The poker tournaments organized in Las Vegas have huge cash prizes.

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