We check out where you can find a poker odds ratio calculator

Are you finding that you just can't seem to get over the hump when you are playing poker online and you need something to spur you on to greater things? A lot of players have been using a poker odds ratio calculator (Poker odds calculator) to help them get a little better at the game, and in this blog we are going to show you a few different sites where you can find these calculators without having to pay for them, so lets check them out!

While the use of an odds calculator simply wouldn't fly if you were in a live tournament setting, more and more players are starting to use them online as it helps you to cut through the muddle of bluffs and counter bluffs to simply get down to seeing exactly what your odds are of winning a particular hand of poker. We are massive fans of them, but they are a bit of a gray area when it comes to poker players, so it is probably not best to advertise that you are using one!

A site that we have found particularly helpful for finding out the odds on a hand of poker is the Card Player site at www.cardplayer.com. All you have to do to find their comprehensive odds calculator is click into their poker tools section and select the odds calculator. Here you will find odds calculators that can be used for all different types of poker. You simply have to be quick off the mark while you are playing, and avoid getting into "Turbo" games online, as these games move so quickly that the use of an odds calculator would be almost impossible.

You simply input the cards you have received into your calculator, and then what the flop is, and it will return what odds you have of winning onto your screen. Simple eh?

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