Was there a Degree Poker Tournament 2010?

A very popular tournament amongst some of the younger poker fraternity, the Degree Poker Tournament 2010 saw keen players pit their wits against fellow peers in Quebec, Canada. That year there were generous, large prizes at stake, as well as seats to a major event.

The Degree Poker Championship consisted of a Texas Hold'em tournament with a $100,000 prize on offer, the chance to win a further $1million, and a coveted seat at the World Series of Poker - paid for, with expenses covered.

In total there were some 54 prizes available in the 2010 contest, all of which included a seat at the World Series of Poker, along with prize money of varying amounts. Entry into the Degree Poker Tournament 2010 was limited to Canadian residents aged 21 and above (anyone outside these requirements were not legible to enter).

Considering the comparably low profile of the Degree Championship to other WSOP entry tournaments, there was plenty at stake, allowing unknowns and amateurs alike to try their hand at making their mark on poker history.

The Degree Poker Championship has since come to a stop and there are no plans to host a future tournament.  Curiously, the results of the 2010 championship seem to have become crowded in mystery; no searching online will locate a winner nor a total top prize. This could be due to the tournament being cancelled, along with a lack of interest in this minor event. The Degree Championship website is also no longer active, therefore no official results are available. For all intents and purposes, the Degree Poker Tournament 2010 simply did not take place.

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