Online poker: key video poker tips to remember

Video poker is an exciting game that has been around since the 1970’s. People visit various online casinos like Casino Tropez, Titan Casino and Europa Casino for a fun time of thrilling video poker. If you are a serious player and want to win games, you need to apply basic common sense in your play and adopt proven winning strategies. Here are key video poker winning tips to remember if you want to stay on top of your game, especially where real money is at stake.

1. ‘Hold’ your winning cards

‘Hold’ your winning cards. This is one of the most basic video poker tips you have to remember. If you are holding the minimum winning hand, resist the urge to draw five cards. Hold your wining hand and draw three, two or one. How many cards you draw will depend on the minimum winning hand, which could be three, two or a single pair of a kind.

This tip may seem obvious for many people, but you will be surprised at how many players actually lose out by forgetting to hold their wining cards. You likely don’t want the next press of the Deal button to result in a losing hand so remember the basics and hold your winning cards.

2. Always go for the Royal Flush

Go for the Royal Flush even if you have a Straight, such as Ad Kc Qd Jd 10d. The maximum payout on a Royal Flush is 4,000 coins. Compare that with the maximum credit line payout for a Straight, which is only 20 coins. Which would you rather? Go for the Royal Flush my friend!

3. Discard two single cards when holding three of a kind

If you are holding three of a kind and two other single cards, always discard the two single cards. Discarding the two single cards allows you to go for a full house and four of a kind. Keeping two single cards just isn’t worth it even if the two single cards are high cards.

Bottom line

These three video poker tips are not the only tips you should remember to improve your chances of winning games. But, the tips are a good place to start on your journey to becoming a better player. Always bear the tips in mind.

Of course, it goes without saying really; you must not start spending cash on a video poker machine before you actually know how to play poker. Learn how to play the game first and then spend cash.

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