UKIPT to come to channel 4

Thanks to the success of the first season of UKIPT channel 4 will continue filming the next season. This is great news for fans of the game as the previous coverage was so well received. The tour that goes across both Ireland and the UK was so well received last year that there are big things expected at this year’s tournament.

You can expect to see the return of Nick Wealthall as commentator and analysing what happens as it happens is Liv Boeree. The first leg of season 2 kicks off in Galway so get set up and be ready for this great event.

This year promises more action and intense poker than ever before. With so many people applying this year you are guaranteed to see some of the best poker you will see this year.

Some of UKIPT's leading poker players are expected to be there. From Nick Abou Risk to Dan Rankin you can expect to see them all at this year’s event. If you didn't catch the first season then make sure you are set up to catch season two.

You can catch the whole event on channel 4 on the first of March with the Galway leg. Be sure to tune it, it will be a cracker!

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