Tropicana Casino & Resort, Atlantic City: Poker Tournament Schedule

Test your skills against the best -- or even against your own circle of friends -- at the Tropicana Atlantic City. The poker tournament schedule includes two daily tournaments, or you can create your own tournament by bringing your weekly poker game with the guys to the Tropicana's famed poker room.

Tournament Types

Regular fixtures on the Tropicana Atlantic City poker tournament schedule: Texas Hold-'Em and Five-Card Stud.

Tournament Basics

Register for a tournament beginning two hours in advance. You must register in person and only cash payment is accepted. Blinds start at $25 and $25 for all games except Wednesday and Friday No Limit Texas Hold-'Em, where the blinds start at $25 and $50. On those games the  Expect the tournaments themselves to last for approximately five to eight hours.

Tropicana Card

All players must present their Tropicana Card to register for a poker tournament. The card is free and quick to obtain, but you will be required to present identification. Generally, the Tropicana Card is "zapped" each hour you play poker, and play of four hours or more a day qualifies you for a "poker rate" -- a discounted room. Tournament play, however, does not count towards the poker rate.

What Makes the Tropicana Atlantic City Unique?

A poker tournament schedule that includes your own home games. Groups of at least 7 players can bring your regular poker game to the Tropicana, where you will receive VIP treatment, your own table and dealer, and custom poker according to your requirements. Note that a $5 time charge applies for each player, each half hour.

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