Three card poker? Yes Please!

Three card poker is a growing trend in the poker way and this is all thanks to it being quick, easy and fun to play. There are two modes of play to three card poker the Ante and the Play wagers.

On the table you will find three circles. The Ante, the Play and the Pair Plus. Before you are dealt any hands at all you have to put a wager in the Ante circle. Three cards are dealt to you and if you wish to continue to play you pay a matching bet into the pay circle.

The dealer will also be playing against you but you will not receive any more cards than what you are dealt. The deal has to qualify his cards by having at least one card higher than a Queen.

Generally if you have a Queen a 6 and a 4 it will be worth your while staying in. This should be your minimum hand before you carry on betting. If you win you will take your bet the dealers and the ante. You actually only play against the dealer. It doesn't matter how many people are playing they are all trying to beat the dealer. Check out Bwin for their latest offers.

Three card poker is a new game that is taking the poker world by storm. Get online today and get involved with this great new take on Poker, you don't want to be left behind!

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