Learn the game for free with three card poker practice sessions

Ever thought that poker would be a great game, if only it didn't need quite so many cards? Probably not, but there's an increasing popularity for the fast and furious game of three card poker. Practice with online poker games, before reaching for your credit cards.

Perhaps unsurprisingly this quick game with rapid betting turnover was invented in casinos. It appeared only as recently as 1994, initially in the UK, but spread rapidly. You'll also find it under the name of Tri card poker.

The obliging Wizard of Odds (www.wizardofodds.com) offers a detailed summary of the game, with rules, variations, strategy and various side bet options. Before you begin to get a headache from all those statistical likelihood charts, it might be best just to click on the Wiz's Java applet and play a few hands for fun.

At www.threecardpokerplayer.com the website does exactly what it says on the tin, by concentrating on the three card game. The rules, strategy and hand probabilities are explained a little more succinctly, but again the important element is the free game experience. Play the online flash version, or download your own game and practice at your leisure.

The site at www.playthreecardpoker.net offers an enticing free flash game courtesy of Cherry Red Casino. By now you should be getting the hang of the game, If you are feeling confident that you have had sufficient three card poker practice, just click one of the links on the site offering access to several online casinos where you can play for real.

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