Three best real money poker apps for Android

Android was introduced into the market in 2008 and has grown to become the leading software platform for mobile devices. Over 1.3 million Android devices are registered every day with more than 500 million consumers owning android smartphones alone.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the gaming industry has rolled out many free and real money Android apps over the years to tap into the lucrative opportunities presented by the android market. Here are three of the best real money poker apps for Android, as of 2013.

1. PokerStars (pokerstars.com)

Pokerstars is the largest poker website in the world. As the largest poker site, it boasts one of the best poker apps for android in the market conveniently referred as PokerStars Mobile app. The native PokerStars Mobile App allows you to play tournaments and cash games right on your Android mobile device, whether your device is a smartphone or a tablet. All you need to play on your device at home or on the road is a stable internet connection.

2. 888 Poker (888poker.com)

Second on our list of best real money poker apps for Android as of 2013 is the 888 Mobile Poker App from 888poker.com. 888poker.com is one of the oldest poker sites in the world and one of the fastest growing companies, as well.

As one of the oldest sites in the world, 888 Poker had among the first mobile version of poker software for android devices. The site’s Android compatible software was launched back when the company was still known as PacificPoker.

Since changing its name to 888Poker, the site is now only second to PokerStars in terms of mobile website traffic. Significantly, the 888 Mobile poker app has the softest games on the internet.

3. PartyPoker (PartyPoker.com)

Closing our list of best real money poker apps for Android is the relatively new PartyPoker Mobile App. While newish, PartyPoker Mobile App is a top tier app with all the high-end features you know and love, including FastForward Poker, quick seat lobby for matching players quickly against each other, multiple language options and real cash Texas Hold’em games.

The only drawback for this app is that you have to login to your PartyPoker account from a desktop client to collect any cash winning you make through the app. This is different from other real money poker apps like PokerStars where you can withdraw cash directly from the Android app on your device.

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