The true face of Poker

The first thing you should wipe from your mind is that poker is a fun game that people play for enjoyment purposes only. With this attitude you are lucky that people have realised they can keep using you instead of clearing you out. This means you can still possibly launch a counter attack and clear them out. In poker everyone is the enemy and you will need all the help you can get to ensure that you are up to speed and able to make the right decisions. There are many great UK poker rooms online (Bwin is highly recommended) where you can pick up many strategy tips and we would advise logging onto one of these pronto if you feel that your skills are lacking; or more to the point you feel your pocket getting lighter!

These kind of websites are loaded with videos, strategy tips, coaching and all manner of other tips and tricks to improve your game. You can also look at other players blogs and videos and get tips from them. You will soon realise that your friends have tells and you will be able to read these and play them for fools! With a good knowledge of calculating odds you should be able to make all the right moves and start cleaning house, they won't know what hit them. Soon you'll be they guy flashing the cash, spotting people and making all the right moves. Hit up the Poker Strategy website and start raising your game to a high stakes level.

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