The game of Omaha High

Omaha High will feel quite familiar to you if you have played Texas Hold'em before. Don't let that fool you however, there are many subtle differences that can make this a very different game. So here's the things you need to know when playing Omaha High.

The dealer deals and as in Hold'em the next two people to his left play blinds. Small first the big next. Instead of being dealt two cards you are dealt four cards face down. These are your pocket cards. The game proceeds in much the same way again as Texas Hold'em in that the player can now call or raise the bet.

The dealer will now throw the flop. Three cards are dealt here face up. The players can now bet or call on this hand trying to pair up the best hand from their cards and the flop cards. A fourth round occurs in the same fashion followed by the fifth (river card) card and the final round of betting must be completed.

The real game changer is that with the five cards on the table you must use three and from your hand you must disgaurd two. With this final 5 card hand the cards are shown and the best hand wins.

It really is just a slight variation on Texas Hold'em but the results can be completely different.

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