The European Poker tour is back!

The European Poker Tour is one of many tours that takes place each year. This is regarded as one of the best of the bunch. They tour across Europe and allow any of their online players take part if they can prove themselves worthy.

The tour hits Copenhagen, Prague, Berlin, London, Vienna, Deauville, Barcelona and Vilamours to name a few. Regular players can turn just a few quid into a seat at the main event if they can win within their group. The coolest part of the whole deal is that there are seats tied to any budget so you can still win a seat even if you have very little cash to play with.

The event is kicking off in Copenhagen in 4 days so be sure to tune in. If you are looking to enter it's time to get your poker face and start winning some games! Hit up the europeanpokertour website for all the info you need on entering and qualifying.

This is a really great tournament that separates the men from the boys. if you think you're all that and a bag of chips then sign up and see how far you go! Maybe you are all that? Maybe you’re a chump? Only one way to find out, money where mouth is please!

If you're not quite ready for the big tournaments, why not practice your technique with an online poker game? Bwin is one of the Uk's leading poker sites.

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