The best poker equipment

If you are looking for a couple of things to make poker at your place a little more authentic then we can help you out. You could always download poker from the internet and play this way!

However if you want to opt for the non-digital version of the game there are a few 'tools' you need. First off you will need a deck of cards. Is it any wonder that the guys all have a giggle at the thought of another night at your place playing 'poker' with homemade cards! Crude illustrations of face cards and shapes on old scraps of paper does not really count as a set of cards.

Next it is always handy to have a chip set. This is a box of items called chips. Chips are given values and used instead of money in poker they also keep track of the betting. Yes you COULD use the 'trust' system where you all trust each others betting and calculating, but did you ever wonder why you leave empty handed every time? Or why the other four lads split the cash evenly four ways and walk out laughing? It's not because of your hosting skills!

A poker mat is also a great addition. It can be thrown down on any old table and it makes it look like it's a poker table. Really though you should just buy a book on how to play poker. All the rest of the stuff is great but if you have no idea of what you are doing this should be your first purchase.

If you really want to make your house feel like Vegas you can always hang a neon above the table in the garage. There are also many websites that offer live poker blogs, news and videos which can also help your game.There you have just a few ideas for things you may want to consider when playing poker.

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