Texas Holdem Trackback: is it an issue?

Anyone who loves poker and regularly reads or writes a blog will likely be aware of Texas Holdem trackback spam. However, for those unaware of what a trackback is, here’s a brief explanation.

A trackback is a facility designed for blog owners. It allows them to be notified whenever another blog owner has linked to their website. This allows blog writers to keep track of who is reading their blog and, ultimately, who is linking to them (the more links a blog receives, the higher it will rank in search engines and thus enjoy an increase in traffic).

While the trackback facility is a useful tool, many spammers have opted to use it as a way to link to their own websites. By inserting spam links onto the trackback, the spammers are able to direct readers to their own websites. Doing so allows these spammers to avoid some of the safeguards in place that are designed to stop spamming on a blog’s comments section. One common tactic is for individuals or companies to include links to a website that offers Texas Holdem. Trackback spamming schemes such as this can often divert naïve poker players to visit a website that actually has nothing to do with poker, but is in fact a website designed with one thing in mind: to scam the visitor.

How to Avoid Trackback Scams

The best way to avoid trackback scams is simply not to click on any suspicious-looking links that may appear in a blog’s comments section. Any comment that promises the user cheap poker games, free prizes or a welcome bonus that seems too good to be true should be avoided. Ultimately, poker websites that can be trusted will avoid advertising on a blog’s comments section.

If you are reading a blog and see a Texas Holdem trackback or comment, the best advice is to simply ignore it.

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