Texas Holdem Pravila: rules and regulations


Texas Holdem pravila essentially refers to the rules and regulations of poker. This also extends to the etiquette of poker. It is very important for every player to thoroughly understand Texas Holdem pravila before playing a game.

Game Overview

The rules of Texas Holdem do not take too long to remember. Players are dealt two hole cards by a dealer. These cards can then be combined with five community cards that are placed in the centre of the poker table. Each player can choose to use zero, one or two hole cards, depending upon which is the best hand.

Game Sequence

First: Two players give blind money. This is known as posting blinds. The two players directly to the dealer's left have to bet.

Second: The dealer deals two cards to each player. The cards are placed face down.

Third: Starting with the first player to the big blind's left (the third person to the left of the dealer), players choose to bet the minimum, bet and raise the minimum or fold. To fold is to quit.

Fourth: The flop is put on the table. This is when three of the community cards are set out. The dealer should burn, or not use, the first card before laying down the next three cards face up.

Fifth: Players evaluate the strength of their hand.

Sixth: Bet again. The only difference on the second bet is that players can choose to check; this is to maintain the current bet. The next player, though, can raise and force the player who checked to raise as well.

Seventh: The fourth card is flipped over in what is called the turn. The dealer should burn, or waste, the card on top of the stack before setting down card number four.

Eighth: Players evaluate their hand. By now every player should have a good idea of the strength of their hand.

Ninth: Bet again. By now it is more than likely that over half of the players have folded. The round, or hand, may even be over by now.

Tenth: The fifth, and final, card is placed on the table after the stack's top card is burned. This is called the river.

Eleventh: The remaining players evaluate their hand. The fifth card can sometimes lead to shocking results.

Twelfth: The remaining players make their final bets, adding the final coins to the cash stack.

Thirteenth: The remaining players show their cards, and the winner is decided.

A List of the Top Poker Hands

Before playing poker, you need to the Texas Holdem pravila on what hand beats what hand. Study these.

Royal Flush: This is a straight of one suit with an Ace being the high card.

Straight Flush: This is a straight of one suit.

Full House: This is three of one kind and two of one kind.

Flush: This is five cards of the same suit.

Straight: This is five cards in sequence.

Three-of-a-kind, two-pair, and one-pair round it out.

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