Super poker pets: the next Facebook phenomenon

The Super Poker Pets are basically like a Tamogatchi for your Facebook account. One of the main features is that they allow you to Poke your friends in different ways using Facebooks 'Poke' feature.

From now on instead of Facebook just saying that someone has poked you the Super Poke Pals will allow you to hug, poke, send gifts, tickle and wave at them. While this kind of defeats the purpose of the Facebook 'poke' feature it does add a lot more variety.

This isn't all they do though. The Super Poke Pets as we said earlier are like a Tamogatchi. For those of you who don't remember these Tamogotchi, basically they are like a pet. You will have to walk them, feed them, groom them and do other such pet activities.

Depending on how well you look after your Super Poke pets you will earn a certain amount of gold. This gold can then be used in their store to buy new items of clothing or toys. This means that you can jazz up your Super Poke pets so that they are much more individual to you.

Hit up the superpokepets.com website and see tyhe pets first hand. You can select your favourite  animal and sign up with Facebook. Then the pets are your free, yes free! All you have to do is sign up and you can start using your Super Poke Pets straight away.

Super Poke pets will be the next phenomenon on facebook so why not be one of the first to get involved?

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