Suited aces, pros and cons

Suited aces has become one of those hands that both pros and amateur seems to slip up on. Picking up an Ace/4 or an Ace/7 leaves you with a few good options. You are open for doubling up your hands with two pair, possibility of a flush, maybe even a straight and of course you can get trips. This all sounds very promising but it can leave you wide open.

It is a very risky hand to play and should only be really played if you are the first one in. You can make a good push at the blinds but should someone come back at you, it would be best to leave at this point.

The idea that you can flop an ace to a novice is great. The problem is, if you get all the way to the end with no change you are stuck with a pair of aces and a kicker that really has no strength. Generally you will lose on a hand like this.

Essentially you are aiming to get a flush, it is the best option. The problem is that the odds aren't very high of a flush being turned making this hand pretty risky. Use it wisely and you could do well but be sure to cover your back, never re-raise off the flop or you may as well just slide your chips over before the round is out.

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