Star City: Poker Tournaments in Sydney, Australia

Star City hosts its poker tournaments in a purpose built poker room. Designed by poker players, for poker players, the room boasts several amenities designed to make your tournament experience more pleasurable.

Why Star City Poker?

Star City is the only venue in New South Wales where poker enthusiasts can play for cash. Naturally it has become Sydney's premier destination for high stakes and professional poker and is the leader in Australia's poker tournaments. Some of Australia's biggest names in poker have been discovered in the Star City poker room...maybe the next big discovery will be you!


The poker room is conveniently located on the second floor of the casino, close to numerous bars and restaurants like Lotus Pond and 36 Degrees Bar. If you're in the middle of a competitive tournament, however, you won't want to step away. Luckily Star City's poker room has its own kitchen with a dedicated table-side food and drink service just for the poker room. A smoking balcony is also located extremely close to the poker tables for convenience.


Star City typically hosts special event tournaments where poker regulars can take on the Sydney pros. The casino describes these types of tournament as suiting "the aggressive, position-based player" and advertises the high stakes of the competition. To register online, players must sign up two hours before the scheduled start, otherwise registrations must be made in person.

An example of this type of Star City poker tournaments is the "Big Game Wednesday" tournament -- an annual event that spans a month and requires a buy-in of $330 + $30 for 5,000 chips.


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