Check out Silversands online poker

Silversands online poker is a South African poker website that has become hugely popular in recent times.This is all down to the promotions that are regularly updated. For example, signing up today could get you $100 to get started on the right foot.

It is these type of promos that have been drawing so many players to the Silversands poker room. Point your browser at the silversandspoker.com website and let's get you set up.

As with any online poker website you pretty much have to download and install their app. This is very simple, just click download and run the Autostart file that downloads. This will execute the file and automatically install to your hard drive and browser.

Once this is installed you are ready to play pretty much straight off the bat. All you need to do is pick the best suited games and room, then you are pretty much good to go. Like any other online poker you can top up your account with cash and hit the tables.

Another handy feature to Silversands is the tutorial section. You don't have to dive straight into the deep end with Silversands, they have all types of great helpful tips and rules for you to go over before you start. You can even learn how to read your opponents and make the best call possible.

With so many helpful tips, great promos and amazing poker rooms, it's no shock that Silversands online poker is becoming such a phenomenon. Check it out and see for yourself.

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