Seneca: Bringing You Premium Poker Tournaments to New York

Seneca poker tournaments are played out of two locations in upstate New York: Seneca Niagara Falls and Seneca Salamanca.

Seneca Niagara Falls: No-Limit Texas Hold-'Em Poker Tournaments

The Seneca Niagara Falls offers a monthly no-limit Texas Hold-'Em tournament at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month. Buy-in requirements are $130 + $20 + $10 and each contender will receive 8,000 tournament chips. The tournament has 15 minute rounds and is located in the main Seneca Niagara Falls poker room.

Seneca Salamanca: No-Limit Texas Hold-'Em Poker Tournaments

The Seneca Salamanca also hosts a monthly no-limit Hold-'Em tournament, similar to the one at the Niagara Falls. However, buy-in is slightly lower at the Salamanca. For $125 + $25, tournament entrants will get 5,000 tournament chips and have the option to select a voluntary $10 "dealer bonus buy" entitling them to $500 worth of additional chips. Rounds are slightly longer at the Salamanca, at a 20-minute duration. The tournament is held in the poker room at the Seneca Salamanca on the first Tuesday of every month.

Seneca Niagara Falls: Ladies Only

On the third Tuesday of each month, the Niagara Falls Seneca offers a ladies-only no limit Texas Hold-'Em poker tournament. Buy-in is a very reasonable $35 + $5 + $10 and ladies receive 6,000 in tournament chips. The emphasis is on fun, but winners advance to an additional higher level ladies championship.

Seneca Niagara Falls: Fall Classic

No mention of Seneca poker tournaments would be complete without a reference to the Fall Classic. Held at Seneca Niagara Falls, the fall classic has a substantial prize pool of up to $100,000 and requires a buy-in of $1,000.

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