Redtoothpoker league tables

Redtooth poker has organised the largest UK pub poker league. Pub poker is becoming quite big in the UK and Redtooth has gathered over 1000 venues that offer Redtooth league tables. It is easy to find venues with Redtoothpoker league tables around the UK. The easiest way is visit redtoothpoker.com and find local ones to you.

The most common question asked about Redtoothpoker league tables is, is it legal? The answer is yes it is! They took guidance from the gambling commission and strictly stuck to their advice. So you can enjoy the game knowing it isn’t breaking any laws.

The league is simple. The pubs have their own season over 13 weeks and after that they hold the regional finals. After 4 seasons they hold the national finals and it is a very big deal. It is an amazing set up with poker celebrities and very different if you are used to just playing in pubs! The winner of that becomes the Redtooth poker league national champion.

If you are interested in playing you can find local places that take part. Their website makes it quite simple, you simply put in your location and on the map will appear the pub holding the event and how far it is away from you. There are several locations nationwide so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a pub.

If there isn’t any near you, you can always get your local pub registered. If you register you pub to the league they will be supplied with poker tables, chips, cards, instructional dvd’s, seating pack, telephone helplines and much more.

It is a simple idea but it is a great way to enjoy the game. You could find yourself at the national final and having the day of your life, unless you get put out with a bad beat! It is a way to play and experience a league and final without having to fork out thousands for the privilege.

You can gain some serious bragging rights against everyone in your pub, if you become the regional or national champion. If you want to register a pub or find redtoothpoker league tables checkout redtoothpoker.com for more info.

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