Get in on the live action with Red Tooth poker

Red Tooth poker (www.redtoothpoker.com) is the company behind the UK’s largest pub poker league, with well over 1,000 venues registered to participate across the country.

Redtooth, based in Derbyshire, has members ranging from Orkney to Plymouth, all taking part in the league. Redtooth supplies participating pubs with a league kit, consisting of cards, chips, membership forms, an instruction DVD, telephone helpline number and everything necessary to take part.

Each local pub runs its own 13 week poker seasons to find a seasonal winner who goes forward to the regional finals. Once a year the winners of the regional finals meet up in the national final.

The Redtooth national final is a high-profile event in a central location, with professional dealers and poker celebrities in attendance to see who becomes the Poker League National Champion.

There are strict rules limiting money games in pubs. Redtooth Poker league is played only for points, so that the league doesn't actually fall under the Gambling Commissions remit and isn't regarded as gaming in the legal sense.

If you can't always get down to your local, you can play online at the virtual Redtooth Tavern every Sunday at 2pm. There are 10 regional final places up for grabs for online players. You have to be tagged to Redtooth to participate. Email online@redtoothpoker.com for eligibility and to obtain the tag.

Check the Red tooth Poker site regularly for blogs about the tournament, news and stories from the pubs, and all the latest regional finals results.

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