It's Razz Poker!

Recently with the massive surge in online poker interest people have been playing a lot of poker. Whether you a Hold'em guy or seven card stud's your game at some point you are going to want a change. Razz poker is the newest kid on the block and is already proving popular with all card game lovers.

The goal of Razz poker is actually to make the lowest possible hand. It plays much the same as 7 card stud but it's almost like playing it backwards. Flushes and straights no longer count in Razz and while the ace is still the best card it is actually valued at 1.

You cannot use a card more than once but the idea is to make a low hand for example ace, deuce, three, four, five is the best possible hand. Then they continue to drop, second best being ace, deuce, three, four, six and third being ace, deuce, three, five, six and so on.

You need between 2 and eight players to play Razz. The dealer deals three cards to each player, two face down and one face up. The player with the highest face up card is first to play. Four cards are dealt to each player face up with a round of betting between them. The usual Ante rules apply for the first rounds. The last card is dealt face down, a round of betting occurs and then all cards are over turned. The best 5 card hand that a player makes from his seven cards takes the pot.

Razz is a great new game that is a welcome break from the usuals. Play online (sites like Bwin are a good place to start) to get a good feel for the game.

Download poker from the internet and start playing today.

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