Online raffle odds calculator

Making your own raffle odds calculator using a few maths equations is possible, but it can be quite difficult if you're not very number savvy. You also have the problem of variables when it comes to calculating raffle odds - how many tickets are sold, how many tickets you purchase and how many prizes can be won, as well as the individual rules of each game. Creating a new equation for every game is quite tasking - and there's no guarantee your calculations are correct, either.

But, if you're not too good at maths or don't want to risk adding the numbers incorrectly, you can use an online raffle odds calculator. They'll either tell you the probability of winning or losing, depending on the number of tickets you have and tickets sold. Some will also allow you to calculate the odds of winning based on there being a number of prizes (some calculators describe these as "turns") available.

Once you calculate the raffle odds on a calculator you can turn this into a percentage for easy understanding. For example, odds of 15 to 1 (1 in 16 chance of winning) can be turned into a percentage by dividing 100 by 16 (100/16) which gives you 6.6667% chance of winning.

List of Raffle Odds Calculator Online Software

You can either download a free raffle odds calculator online, which generally performs better and allows for different functions, or you can use an online platform. To find a list of free software (some of which are trial versions) go to Raffle-odds-calculator.qarchive.org.

Other useful online raffle odds calculator platforms can be found at lottogenie.com, onlineconversion.com and csgnetwork.com/oddcalc.

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