PokerStove: a review

PokerStove is a free poker odds calculator that you can use to calculate the percentage chance of your hand beating out your opponents hand. Online poker is a very different ketttle of fish from the real thing and you need to use every advantage available to you. PokerStove is available to download online and is very easy to use.

What PokerStove can do for You

Poker is not an easy game to play but it also is not a game of dumb luck without any input from you. There are constant decisions that need to be made and it makes sense to be able to make those decisions based on real time information. PokerStove can put the power back in your hands when it comes to making a choice to raise or fold. Having a tool like PokerStove can also be a very effective way to learn all about the odds in certain situations.

It can open your eyes to just how vulnerable a pair or 2 pair hand really is in the face of a possible flush or straight. This knowledge will improve you as a poker player both online and at the real tables. Beware, though, relying too heavily on the information you get from PokerStove can disimprove you as a poker player. Going all in based on 78% chance of winning a hand may seem like a good idea but you always need to monitor your opponent and judge what they might be holding based on how they have played the hand so far.

PokerStove is not available as an online version you can use in your browser but a good odds calculator alternative, if that is what you need, can be found at www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/Oddscalc.

Download Requirements

PokerStove version 1.24 is available free to download online and it is a tool that can help you to become a more formidable poker player. At the moment, it is only available to Windows users so Mac users will have to use an alternative such as Pro Poker Tools Odds or Poker Zebra.

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