Ante Up with the PokerStars Mobile App

PokerStars, with the largest number of poker games available anywhere online, is the arena for testing your poker metal. Now, in the event that you cannot get to your computer for one reason or another, you can still take your seat on the PokerStars App and go all in on your mobile device.

Installation and Features

The PokerStars App is available to download for free on iOS devices through the App Store and also on Android devices through Google Play. PokerStars have developed this app with both smartphone and tablet devices in mind meaning you can choose whatever device you are most comfortable playing on.

Once you have installed the PokerStars App then and you have a data connection or access to wifi you are just one step from playing. If you are already a member on Pokerstars then you simply login on your mobile and you can head straight for the poker tables. If you are new to PokerStars, there is a facility to set up a new account through the App without needing to be on your computer.

Once you are logged in then you are good to go. You can access all the games that you can on the PokerStars website including being able to play on up to four zoom tables at any time. There is a search option in the App that allows you to search for tournaments by table number and you can also search for players you want to outwit to see if they are online.

When you are ready to play for real money, the web cashier function enables you to deposit funds through your mobile device if you are on the Android platform. On iOS devices, you will need to make your first deposit from a computer but every deposit after that can also be made through PokerStar's mobile web cashier function.

Mobile Poker for Mobile Money

Mobile poker gives you instant access to the game you love most and puts you in with a chance to win big wherever you are. Download the PokerStars App today and you can play for free when you need to hone your poker skills. Then you can play for real cash in a wide range of tournaments taking place 24/7.

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