PokerStars 180-man payout changes

There has been a lot said about the PokerStars 180-man payout changes that have happened lately. Some of it has been positive and some has been negative. The old structure saw the top 18 getting paid; the new structure sees the top 27 get paid. They also added to the number of payouts for the 90 man multi table Sit n Go tournaments too.

Most people have had a positive reaction to the PokerStars 180-man payout changes - but it seems that people who regularly do well have been against the decision. The old structure saw first place take 30% and second walk away with 20% of the pot, 3rd - 11.9%, 4th - 8%, 5th - 6.5%, 6th - 5%, 7th - 3.5%, 8th - 2.6%, 9th - 1.7% and 10th -18th - 1.2%.

The new structure has the same payout for the top two places, 30 and 20%. The changes are: 3rd - 11.4%, 4th - 7.4%, 5th - 5.8%, 6th - 4.3%, 7th - 3%, 8th - 2.2%, 9th - 1.5%, 10th-18th - 0.95% and 19-27th - 0.65%.

Although adding 9 more prizes hardly seems like a big deal, it could change how many people play and it may also be possible to see a change in many people's strategies.

The changes would certainly be more advantageous to recreational players and could see more interest in 180 man multi table Sit n Go tournaments. It now pays out the top 15% of entrants rather than the top 10%, and therefore the changes will probably see a slight reduction of return on investment for decent players and a slight increase in return on investment for recreational players. However if it creates more interest in the tournaments, it's surely a good thing for fans of multi table tournaments.

The PokerStars 180-man payout changes will be seen by most people as a good thing. The top two prizes haven’t changed and there have only been slight reductions for 3rd to 18th place to see an additional nine players getting pay outs. Paying 15% of entrants is not uncommon for multitable tournaments - only time will tell how the decision to add payments affects the tournaments.

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