The best Poker tournaments in Vancouver

If you are living in Vancouver and you are a massive poker nut, then you are probably wondering where the best places are to sit down at a table and enjoy a few games. Whether you are looking for some cheap tables, or you would rather mix with the high rollers, Vancouver has you covered! In this blog we are going to show you the best places to check out for Poker tournaments Vancouver (Poker tournaments in Vancouver), so lets have a look!

Vancouver is extremely well served in the Poker stakes as it has a number of fantastic casinos to sit down and take in some poker tournament action. Perhaps the biggest of these are the Edgewater Casino and River Rock Casino in Richmond. A good starting point to find out when there is a poker tournament in your area is the Poker Vancouver website at www.pokervancouver.com/. This blog details all of the latest news, tournaments and freerolls in the Vancouver area. It is a fantastic resource for the serious poker player.

If you are downtown and you are looking to take in a few tournaments then we recommend checking out the Edgewater Casino which is situated right beside the Rogers Arena. You can view their site at www.edgewatercasino.ca/. The Edgewater regularly holds tournaments for beginners and high rollers, and it's convenient location makes it the perfect place to check out.

If you have a car, then we recommend taking a gander at the River Rock resort in Richmond. You can view their site at www.riverrock.com/.

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