Where to Find Poker Tournaments in Sydney

A quick Google search for [poker tournaments Sydney] shows sydneypoker.com.au as one of the top results. Let's see what makes this site so special? The first thing that really grabs you when visiting the site is that they seem to organize poker tournaments, and cover pubs, hotels, clubs, private and corporate functions! This is an incredible opportunity, so if you've always wanted to host your own you're now able to. It's a great way to draw in potential clientele, and to get extra exposure if you're a business owner.

What about players that want to take part, you ask? There's something here for you too! The tournaments section shows all the poker tournaments that have been organized in Sydney, and shows the details for each. Let's see what's happening?

The Tollgate Hotel has free roll tournaments on Mondays and Saturdays, The Commercial Hotel has a tournament going each Tuesday and it’s $20 to buy in. The Royal Oak Hotel also has tournaments on Thursdays and Fridays, it's $20 to buy in on Thursdays and first prize is $1000, and $30 to buy in on Fridays.  Wednesday and Sunday are no poker days, but you're able to indulge all other days of the week!

To visit the site use this url: http://www.sydneypoker.com.au/tournaments.html it has full details of the poker tournaments, and if you would like more information on organizing a poker tournament you can use the 'contact us' section to get contact information for Mark Samaan.

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