Where to Find a Schedule for Poker Tournaments in Bay St Louis

The Net ensures that you always have a world of information right at your finger tips, but you still need to know where to look to find schedules for poker tournaments in Bay St Louis. The fastest and easiest way to find the information you need is to visit thepokeratlas.com. This site offers daily listings for poker rooms and casinos and offers players information on daily tournaments. The really great thing about this site is that the information is updated daily, and you're able to view reviews from other players who tried out the venues listed on the site. If you have trouble finding your way around, no worries! There's even a handy Google map on the side of the screen to show you where the listed venues are.

Let's see where to go for poker tournaments in Bay St Louis?  There are two listed venues on the site and one is the Hollywood Casino Bay St Louis, and the other is the Silver Slipper Casino. The Hollywood Casino does not have a featured listing, so you won't find in-depth information about tournaments played there on the site. The Silver Slipper is another matter though. This venue offers daily and weekly tournaments, and the site lists not only the address, but also a telephone number you can use.

Let's see what's happening in the Silver Slipper? Weekly tournaments are held on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM, and these are No-Limit, Hold'em Bounty tournaments. The minimum buy-in is $75.00. The site has further details on starting chips, blind levels, and bounties. There are also daily sit-and-go tournaments, and these start off with 10 players. These are No-Limit Hold'em tournaments and the minimum buy-in is $45.00. There are also No-Limit Hold'em tournaments with a minimum buy-in of $65.00.

It's easy to see that the Silver Slipper has it all worked out, and if you're a serious poker player you have to pay this venue a visit!

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