Where to Find Poker Tournaments in South Florida Online

Poker tournaments in South Florida are easy to find once you know where to look online. There's one site that offers poker players a fast and reliable resource to find all the poker tournaments in South Florida that they'd ever want to play! Thepokeratlas.com is the place to be if you're searching for poker venues, so let's pay it a visit and see what it suggests for poker players in South Florida?

Navigating to the area of your choice is a breeze on this site and by clicking on 'states with poker' link, you'll see a massive list of states in the US that offer poker tournaments. Clicking on the Florida link will give you various cities where you're able to play poker. Let's have a look at what's happening in Palm Beach?

The site lists two poker venues for this city, but since the listings aren't featured you'll have to dig deeper to see what's on offer.   The Palm Beach Kennel Club is first, with the Palm Beach Princess following right behind it. This poker room claims to be the largest in all of Florida with two floors of poker action! The first floor poker room has 40 tables that offer live cash games, and the second floor is where you'll find the poker tournament room. There are 20 tables there, and you're able to order food or beverages while you play. There are also TVs and betting windows if you're into the greyhounds. Players need to call to confirm if they want to take part in the tournaments, so you may want to jot down the number and give them a call before you go.

The Palm Beach Princess has 8 poker tables, and you have to be 21 years old to play there. Information on this venue is rather limited and the official web site appears to be down, so try calling 561-845-7447 for more information on the tournaments offered, minimum buy-ins and tournament times.

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