Daily Poker Tournaments Schedule For Sacramento

Finding daily poker tournaments in Sacramento is easier than you think, and if you have a certain site in your favorites you'll never wonder where to go for your next poker tournament!  Thepokeratlas.com is fast becoming the go-to site for all poker lovers who need to know what's happening, and where. The site is updated daily so you're sure to find venues, times and tournaments on any day of the week. Let's see what's happening in Sacramento?

The listings for the 22nd of August include five poker tournaments at four venues. The day starts with the 10:00 AM NL Hold'em tournament at the Capitol Casino. The minimum buy-in here is only $25! There's also a tournament going on at the RedHawk poker room at 10:00 AM, and it's a NL Hold'em tournament. The minimum buy-in here is $40, so if you're into bigger action you may want to check this tournament out. There's also an 11:00 AM tournament at the Casino Royale poker room, another at 1:00 PM at the Thunder Valley Poker Room,and the day winds down with a 6:30 PM tournament at the Red Hawk poker room. For full details on the tournaments, game played and minimum buy-ins visit this URL: http://www.thepokeratlas.com/city/sacramento/357/

There are other casinos listed on the site as well, but these do not have featured listings. Clicking on the name of the casino should give you more information, such as the number of tables, poker tournaments played, minimum buy-ins etc. Some of these casinos include the Blacksheep Casino, the Capitol Casino poker room, the Cordova Casino, Deuces Wild Casino, and the Folsom Lake Bowl Casino.  This is just a tiny sampling , because there are a whopping 10 more casinos on the list! Head on over and see for yourself. You'll never be stuck without somewhere to play poker, ever again.

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