Commonly asked poker tournaments questions

Before going to your first few poker tournaments it’s good to ask questions and learn the game perfectly. Many tournaments you go to will be set up differently and some may even have different rules or ways of rectifying issues that arise, such as a dealer accidentally flipping a card or someone throwing up the flop before the last person acts. It actually can happen often if the tournament doesn’t have dealers. Many tournaments are different but here are a few often asked poker tournaments questions answered.

What do you do if someone takes ages to act?

This can be annoying in tournaments. People taking a long time to act can disadvantage you, because the blinds clock will still be rolling. You can call a clock on them, then if they don’t act (usually in 90 seconds), their hand is folded. Only players at the table can call a clock.

Do I always have to show my chips?

Yes. Take nothing off the table. Some tournaments will even ask you to display you highest value chips at the front so other players can get a better idea of your stack.

What happens if I am still to act on the flop and the dealer accidentally shows the turn card?

This can happen and will happen more often if the tournament hasn’t got dealers. The turn card and the card they burnt before showing the turn are put back in the deck. Cards are reshuffled and then the player that had to act acts and game continues as if nothing happened.

What happens if a card is flipped over so people can see it during the deal?

This will vary between tournaments. The most common way round this is, if it is the first or second card dealt that is shown, is that the cards are simply put back into the deck and reshuffled and dealt again. If it is further in the deal, the dealer will continue the deal as if nothing happened. Then the card showing is picked up by the dealer and the player with card missing gets the card from the top of the deck. The shown card remains shown and acts as the first burnt card. If more than one card is shown it is a bum deal and all cards go back, reshuffled and dealt again. For the reshuffle and deal, the button doesn’t move.


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