Best Poker Tournaments in Melbourne

The best poker tournaments in Melbourne take place at Crown poker. Crown has the biggest selection of fully-automated poker games in Australia. Crown also has a player’s club, deemed the “Crown Signature Club,” which allows players to enjoy VIP treatment including parking validation and seat reservations.

A $10 Monday Mayhem tournament plays every Monday at 7:15 PM. Players start with a bank of 1,000 and are allowed rebuys.

The higher the stakes, the more fun to play? Winners certainly think so at the $200 Wednesday Wonder tournament, which starts at 7:10 PM. Starting bank is 3,000.

Anyone looking for a quick game will appreciate the $25/$25 Saturday Rebuy Tournament. This fast-paced tourney begins at 10:10 AM with $25 buy-ins and $25 rebuys.

Tuesdays games begin at 7:10 PM with a starting bank of 2,500. Players accumulate cash every time another player is eliminated from the game.

If a player thinks he has what it takes to make it to the Aussie Millions, he will want to be a Crown Poker on Sundays at 12:10 PM for the $125 Aussie Millions Deepstack Series. Game players start with 10,000 chips and accumulate more as they progress in the game. The series runs 8-9 weeks and the top 10 players have a chance at a seat in the Aussie Millions Poker Tournament.

Poker players everywhere will love the atmosphere at Crown Poker. The games are fun and friendly and the club offers the greatest selection of poker tournaments in Melbourne.

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