Poker tournaments in Ireland

Poker tournaments in Ireland have started to pop up everywhere. It seems that poker is beginning to really take off on the Emerald Isle with more and more young people getting involved in tournaments.

Thanks to the phenomenon that is online poker, so many people have really taken to the game. There is so much excitement and intensity in poker that a lot of people fall in love with it pretty quickly. Let's take a look at a couple of upcoming tournaments.

The Irish Classic Poker Festival: This is an event that you simply will not want to miss. It is being held in the Macau Sporting Club, situated Corks waterfront and seats are available for purchase.

On Monday August 15th at 7pm the Mega Super Satellite IPC Texas Hold'em games will kick off. It's no Limit Hold'em with €50 + €5 STAKE re-buy and add-on at €50. There are still seats so be sure to hit up the macausportingclub.com for information on how to get involved.

UniBet Open: The Unibet Open will make it's third stop on the 2011 Unibet tour in Dublin, Ireland from the 25th to the 28th of August. With up to a 200EUR buy in these games are sure to be really high quality.

If you wish to take part you will have to register on the unibetopen.com website. Just hit up the register section for all the details on how to take part.

Two great poker tournaments in Ireland that you will not want to miss.


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