Get started with our poker tournaments introduction

If you are a keen poker player and enjoy playing with friends at poker nights or playing online, going to a tournament can seem daunting, even if you are a good player. There are bad habits you can get into playing online or at home that would be frowned upon and things that go on at tournaments that you won’t be ready for. Here are a few pointers for a poker tournaments introduction.

First point is never go to a tournament organised in a bar! Don’t do it unless you know the pub well or know people running it. Some of them are fine but some of them are badly run with players leaving half way through hands to get a beer. We wouldn’t recommend this is you're looking for a serious tournament.

One tip that is important is if you are at a multi table tournament, do not worry about what is going on at other tables. It can be tempting to look and see how chips are distributed around other tables and see who the chip leader is and compare to your stack. Stay focused on your table and worry about them later.

Don’t let people get to you! Every tournament you will get a cocky annoying player that comes out with ‘bad call’, ‘bad fold’, ‘you played that all wrong’, ‘I would have played that that way’... Ignore them and let it bounce off you. If you let them wind you up you will be trying to put them out and you will make reckless calls. You will feed them chips instead of putting them out. Play your own game and stick with it.

Learn the structure and betting rules until you know it by heart! Even if you play every week with your friends there are rules of the game that you might not know or play wrong, like lowest bets, what happens with the blinds for next hand if small blind is put out in previous hand, dealer and blind positions heads up... (you might play antes when tournaments will play blinds). Learn it so you don’t look like a rookie at the table.

Have fun and enjoy the game!

Good Luck!

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