Where to Find Poker Tournaments Information in Illinois

If you're a poker player and would like to catch up on a few poker tournaments in Illinois, then you'll do well to pay one site a visit. Thepokeratlas.com is the resource for all poker players who need to know where to play poker. The site covers various states in the US and Canada, so it's easier than ever before to find out where you're able to play, even if you're heading somewhere on holiday. Planning in advance is the key to organizing your poker games, so you'll know exactly where and when you'll be playing.

The site lists four cities in Illinois, and these are: Chicago, East Peoria, Metropolis, and Rock Island. Clicking on any of these links will give you both the featured and non-featured listings for that city, so let's see what's happening in Chicago today?

There are three non-featured listings for poker rooms in Chicago and these include the Empress Casino Joliet, the Grand Victoria Casino, and the Hollywood Casino Aurora. Clicking on the venue itself will give you more information on the venue, its location, contact information, and the number of tables. Some listings also include the types of tournaments offered. You're also able to visit the casino's official site once you navigate to its listing, so this makes it easier to get the information you need, right from the casino's own website.

The Empress Casino Joliet web site is located here: http://www.hollywoodcasinojoliet.com/Casino and navigating to the casino and poker section is a breeze! There's both live poker and the Bad Beat Jackpot. The jackpot currently stands at over $100,658.00! Live poker is offered at this site every single day from 10:00 AM to 6:00 AM, so it's easier than ever to fit a poker game into your busy schedule!

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