Non-Stop Poker Tournaments in Calgary

Calgary, Canada is a city located in the south of the province, close to the Canadian Rockies. This picturesque location is also home to a number of poker tournaments. In Calgary, poker aficionados from across the world arrive in the city to compete in high-octane poker action, with numerous tournaments taking place throughout the calendar.

Poker tournaments in Calgary tend to take place in the following two casinos: the Deerfoot Casino Poker Room and the Grey Eagle Poker Room, both of which are considered two of Canada’s leading poker venues.

Whilst you may be forgiven for thinking that Canada is not exactly a hub of poker activity, in reality this not the case; the country plays hosts to a number of internationally-recognised tournaments each and every year.

Perhaps one of the most popular poker tournaments in Calgary is the Canadian Open Poker Championships, which takes place throughout August and is part of the Canadian Poker Tour (CPT). Buy-ins to Canadian Open Poker events tend to range from $50, to $2000, depending on the stakes for each individual game.

In addition to the city of Calgary hosting big-name tournaments, both the Grey Eagle and Deerfoot casinos host a number of their own events. For example, the Grey Eagle regularly hosts a $100 No-Limit Hold’em poker tournament, as well as a lower-stakes $50 buy-in version. In short, to mention each and every tournament that takes place in these two casinos alone would take up a considerable amount of space.

Throughout the year, poker fans can head to this cosmopolitan city and compete in non-stop poker action. Poker tournaments in Calgary are never in short supply!

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