Poker Tournaments in Houston

Poker fans living in, near or around Texas may wish to consider some of the may poker tournaments in Houston. The city has a thriving poker scene, and you will find many events hosted on a daily basis in the Texan city.

There are many casinos in Houston, all of which run daily games at affordable buy-ins. A simple online search will provide many casinos in and around the city for you to consider. Perhaps one of the most active casinos in Houston is Stacks Casino. Here, players have a number of daily tournaments in which they can compete. Examples include a cheap $1 No Limit Hold'em tournament buy-in that takes place Monday to Thursday, as well as a weekly $30 tourney. Some Saturdays see a larger tournament with a $100 buy-in and $20 fee that takes place, and there is also a special Ladies Night tournament that takes place every Thursday.

Poker players have other options however. A great website to visit is www.freepokerinhouston.com, which does as its namesake suggests by listing all the free poker tournaments in Houston. All games advertised on this website are live (not online-based), and provide addresses of venues where free poker tournaments are taking place within the city. Sponsored by Big Slick Entertainment, the website also advertises games that allow players to qualify for various championship events, such as the Quarterly Venue Championship, and even a seat worth $10,000 in the World Series of Poker. And, of course, the great news is that all of these tournaments (including the qualifiers) take place in Houston.

As you can see, there is plenty in the way of poker tournaments in Houston - you'll find there are many casinos, events and websites to fuel your gaming needs.

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