Poker Tournaments: 'Edu' Introduction for Beginners

This poker tournaments edu article aims to introduce those new to poker about the subject of poker events. So, let's get started: what exactly is a poker tournament and what does it comprise of?

Put simply, a poker tournament is a game of poker in which multiple players compete against one another for the first-place prize. Players usually buy into the tournament with what is known as a buy-in (a set fee) and occasionally an additional entry fee which varies depending on the venue, though on occasion free entry may be granted if a player has qualified through a minor, sponsored event (sometimes referred to as satellite events).

Poker tournaments, edu material will attest to, can consist of just a single event, in which the person who reigns victorious walks away with the spoils. In addition, tournaments can consist of many events, each comprising many different games in a winner-beats-all qualifying format that takes place in many countries at once.

Those new to the world of poker however need only understand that a poker tournament is simply a game of poker. Most casinos run daily poker events from their venues with various buy-in amounts - some expensive others not quite so - and they are all promoted as a tournament, regardless of their size.

Famous poker tournaments that fall into the larger tournament category include the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour and the UK and Ireland Poker Tour. Newbies seeking more poker tournaments edu material should consider doing a search for these major events to learn more about the subject.

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