Finest Poker Tournaments in Edmonton

If you are a poker aficionado, you should check out the huge variety of poker tournaments in Edmonton. Edmonton hosts some of the nicest casinos with a great selection of gaming. The poker tournaments run daily at some of these fun-filled establishments.

  • Visit the River Cree Resort and Casino where a large number of poker tournaments are on the weekly schedule. Texas Hold’Em is the game of choice at River Cree. New gamers can find low stakes tournaments, while semi-pro poker players will be able to participate in tournaments with lots of cash at risk. River Cree even offers women’s only poker tournaments; get your game face on, ladies.
  • Baccarat Casino is open daily and invites all players to come join the fun in their poker room. Tournaments take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, as well as Saturdays. Baccarat also has the ability to schedule corporate tournaments.
  • The Palace Casino has tournaments every Tuesday and Thursday evening at seven. Buy-in is $55+5 for No-Limit Texas Hold’Em Freeze Out. The tournaments are limited to only 66 players, so get there early to join in the fun.
  • Casino Edmonton has a 24-hour poker room featuring 12 dedicated tables. Tournaments start at 7PM on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Saturday tournaments start at 3PM. Casino Edmonton also has special event poker tournaments and private tournaments by appointment.

Edmonton has a nice selection of attractions and beautiful hotels, in addition to the entertainment offered at the local casinos. However, if gaming is what you are after, don’t miss the poker tournaments in Edmonton. Learn the Texas Hold’Em Terminology and you might just be the next tournament king.

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