Where to Play Poker Tournaments In Calgary

If you're looking for places to play poker tournaments in Calgary, you're in for a treat. One site makes it a breeze to find poker tournaments in almost any location in the US and Canada! If you've not bookmarked thepokeratlas.com yet, you should because this is an easy-to-use resource if you're searching for poker tournaments. The featured listings give full information on the venues and tournaments, and you're even able to leave a review once you've tried a certain venue. Let's see what's happening in Calgary?

The site is updated daily and results for the 22nd of August include featured listings from two casinos. There are four poker tournaments hosted, and the first of the day starts at 10:00 AM at the Deerfoot Casino Poker Room. There's a $50 minimum buy in and it's a NL Hold'em tournament. The second tournament of the day kicks off at 12:00 PM at the Grey Eagle Poker Room, and this is another NL Hold'em tournament. The minimum buy in for this one is $50 as well.

If you're into later tournaments you may want to head on over to the Deerfoot at 6:30 PM for its evening 'doubles' NLHold'em tournament. The minimum buy in for this tournament is $180.  There's also a NL Hold'em tournament running at the Grey Eagle starting at 8:00 PM, with a minimum buy in of $60.

Visit this page http://www.thepokeratlas.com/city/calgary/71/ to get access to the Calgary tournament page, and you'll see that there are other casinos listed as well. These include the Cash Casino, Casino Calgary, Elbow River Casino, and the Stampede Casino. Calgary is a poker player's paradise, so choose your venue and prepare for a great time!

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